10 Date Activities Ideas for Married Couples

The Secret Love Instinct

Spending quality time together can improve your marriage

The stress of work and raising twins became overwhelming to Herman and April and their relationship suffered. After their marriage ended in divorce, it was then they began to fall in love again.

They were high school sweethearts and Christians. After five years into the marriage, they found out they were having a twin. This changed the couple’s relationship.  They, like many other couples, focused on the children and not each other which drove them apart.

April repeatedly threatened Herman with divorce to get his attention. Eventually, Herman reached his breaking point and give April the divorce.

Herman drove every weekend to spend time with the kids, this created the opportunity for him to spend time with April. They began to focus on each other once again which rekindle the marriage. After nine months they decided to give the marriage a second chance and sought Christian counselling. They prayed also regularly.

On October 6, 2007, they remarried. They acknowledged that God is a healer and restorer.

The key lesson learned from this Couple is that couples need to make quality time to spend solely with each other and also, to be constantly in prayer and hearing from God.

Ten activities idea for married couples are:

  • Rent bikes – go on a biking tour of your area.
  • A road trip – get a map and some snacks and go for a drive in the country side
  • Hiking –  take in nature on an adventurous trail
  • Visit a museum – enjoy culture and art together
  • A picnic – have an indoor or outdoor picnic, this can be fun and romantic
  • Dinner night –  spend time cooking together 
  • Dinner date – going to a new restaurant
  • Dancing – sign up for dance classes
  • Movie night – choose a fun movie that you both will enjoy
  • Volunteer- to help out with a charitable organization, soup kitchen etc.

God can heal and restore your marriage, as He did it for this couple, He can do it for you.

Be Bless…