How to Strategically Pray for Your Relationships

Every relationship would be faced with challenges whether it is physical, financial or spiritual. The important thing is knowing how to overcome these challenges and growing together as a couple and family.

Some of the challenges we face are things which can be avoided only if we knew how to strategically pray for our relationships, marriages and families.

The movie War Room by Kendrick Brothers, encourage persons to start fighting their battles the right way —through prayer.


A relationship with God is the foundation of a successful relationship. Always make Him your first love. Then you can build on any other relationship.

Below are some more resources that can help you improve your prayer life and win life battles.

When we are connected to God and spend time in his presence He guides us in all our ways. Everything starts with our relationship with him. When we build that relationship with Him first it better enable us to have a successful relationship with our spouse, children and friends.

Be blessed with all spiritual blessing….