Gospel Artist Sherwin Garner “Greater”

They are many Gospel Artist in the Caribbean and although these chains of islands are predominantly known for soca and reggae. The gospel industry there has been able to implement these cultural and traditional genres into their Christian based music.

You may know some of these artists, from  Dj Nicholas, Jason Mighty, Carlene Davis, Sanchez,  just to name a few.


These artists used their creative power and love for Jesus to be able to touch the world with their music but one Trinidadian artist was able to not just touch the international scene but leave his imprint on the charts, That artist is no other than  Sherwin Gardner.

The Trinidadian started singing around the age of 5.’

Being that he was from a musical family he had the natural talents. His talent was found by his uncle another popular Trinidadian artist at that time. When his uncle saw the young Sherwin’s potential he took him under his wing and to his concert.


Gardner started travelling at 16 and got his own studio at age 21 which helped him to record his own music. He then went on to create a label called “FlowMasters”.

The President of FlowMasters mandate was to help young people understand that they don’t have to be into drugs and guns to be somebody popular. And that you can do things to up lift Jesus and have salvation.


Sherwin launched his career in 1995, in his Trinidadian church. In an interview with  Hallels, he noted that his Church was no different than any American Church and that he merged the sounds of reggae and soca into his gospel music.


“Everything that would come from America was accepted,” he recalls.  “Everything that was reggae, dancehall or soca was considered secular because the artists who sang that music was in the world so when I first made gospel music that had a Caribbean flavor in it, I was criticized because the churches were just listening to the beat instead of to the lyrics.”  And what Gardner said was a very problematic situation in the past.


His most recent  Radio release single, “ Because of You, has made great feats in gospel radio across the world. It debuted at No, 28 on this week’s Billboard Gospel Airplay chart and No. 19 on the Mediabase Gospel Airplay chart. These are just some of the achievements the  7x Marlin Award (Trinidad’s equivalent to the Stellar Gospel Music Award) winner has.


Gardner has been courted by mainstream record labels since the start of his ministry but he has always rejected the offers. He says, “Nicki Minaj is from Trinidad,”Rihanna is from Barbados. If I were doing secular music, I’d already be signed because I turned down contracts before but I want people to see that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above what you can think if you stay planted in Him. I didn’t have to go to the world. I didn’t have to do anything secular to catapult my career and then come back to the gospel. I stayed within the kingdom. I was faithful to God from a little boy up to this time now.” (Hallels)


Some of the 38-year-old hit songs are Because of you, I will Survive \, How Great is our God, I worship you and watch over all just to name a few.