7 Ways You Can Let Your light shine

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Spiritually connected today

Have you ever been in a dark room and seen a small light piercing through the darkness that surrounds it?

That is how we are supposed to be as believers in Christ. With all the darkness that surrounds us. We need to let people focus on the light of Christ in our lives.

Jesus said let your light so shine before man that they will see your good works and come to glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16.

So, whether it is in our family, churches, community, workplace, or social clubs, we need to let our light shine. We can also ask Holy Spirit to show us how to be a light to people in this dark world we are living in.

Here are 7 ways you can let your light shine.

1. God has given to every believer a spiritual gift.

They are:

(The gift of prophecy, different tongues, interpretation of tongues, the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, the gift of faith, the gifts of healing, the working of miracles, etc.) As believers, we must use them to build up and edify the church and to help people around us.

2. By showing love and compassion to those we encounter instead of judgment and condemnation.

3. By giving and serving those who cannot help themselves.

4. By forgiving those who have done us wrong or hurt us badly.

5. By letting everything that we are done in love.

6. By praying and interceding on the behalf of others.

7. By seeking peace and pursuing it daily.

In Conclusion.

We need to be the light we want to see in this dark world.

They are no greater feeling than when someone says to you how much you have affected their lives by something you may have said or done for them.

So let us begin from today onward to let the light of God’s love permeate from our hearts.

So we can be a blessing to others.

Be Blessed…

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