A Broken Life Made New in Jesus Testimony

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A broken life turn to Jesus testimony

In an attempt to secure the love she had always yearned for after her parents’ divorce, Melisha set out on a self-destructive journey, ultimately leading to years of incarceration for federal crimes. It was during her time in the SHU that Melisha reflected on her actions and decided to transform, reconnecting with her Christian roots.

Melisha grew up with low self-esteem in the shadow of her two older sisters. Her parents’ divorce wounded her soul, and she began stealing, manipulating, and engaging in promiscuous behavior—anything to fill the void.

Feeling unloved, she started buying friends. Despite being raised as a Christian, by the time she was twenty, she had a son from a married man. She resorted to stealing from her mom to buy things for her friends and was arrested for writing bad checks.

Initially, it was just a rush for her, getting money to pay bills, help her son, or assist someone in need. She fell in love with stealing and buying people’s affections while still attending church. Despite feeling remorseful, pride prevented her from seeking help.

Melisha was arrested, jailed, and released several times. Even after serving two years in prison, she continued defrauding people, businesses, and corporations. Her financial crimes escalated to the point where federal agents became involved. Melisha planned to leave the country to fake her death.

A call from her pastor convinced Melisha to turn herself in. Returning to Georgia full of shame and remorse, she attempted suicide through an overdose, landing in a mental hospital where her pastor visited her.

He advised her that suicide wasn’t the answer; instead, she should tell the truth and leave the rest to God. Following his counsel, she received a twelve-year prison sentence.

While in prison, an altercation with another inmate led to solitary confinement. During this time, Melisha surrendered to God, asking Him to change her and make her into a different person. She cried out to God from her cell, fully surrendering her life to Jesus.

After serving ten years of her sentence, she was released from prison, having found ultimate freedom while behind bars. Melisha now serves others by ministering to incarcerated people, hoping for a solid return to society.

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