A Testimony of Embracing Your True Identity in Christ

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identity in Christ

Tyeesha was just eight years old when her cousins watched a pornographic video that had been recorded over her favorite VHS movie. It was their first time watching a pornographic movie, and they watched it for about an hour. The next week, they watched it again and her older cousins made up a game where they would perform sexual acts like how they did in the film, for a specified amount of time with each other.

They eventually introduce their stepbrother to the game, and the sex becomes real.

When he rejected Tyeesha, she began imitating him by playing the role of the male with her female cousins. She found immediate acceptance, which meant a lot to her. She otherwise felt rejected by her family and had been disowned by her father.

By seventh grade, Tyeesha fully embraces life as a boy. For thirteen years, she embraces a string of lesbian relationships. All the while hiding her pain and confusion behind a manly exterior.

She began to mentally and physically abuse every woman that she was with.

As a joke one Sunday, she went to church with a friend. When the pastor saw her, he asked her to come forward, and he reached out to her and hug her. She melted, for she had never received a hug from a man. He looked at her and said you are a beautiful little girl. The pastor told her she has loved. Everything that he would have told his daughter, he said to Tyeesha. That she is beautiful, special, anointed and favored. 

Tyeesha felt loved and secure at that moment. She thought it was just a regular hug from a man, but it was the love of Jesus that transferred from him to her.

She knew she had an encounter with God’s love.

She tried returning to the gay lifestyle but was left angry and frustrated.

After visions of doom and despair, she responded to God’s prompt to follow him.

The Lord said to her if she doesn’t leave the lifestyle, she is going to kill herself.

She ended the relationship with her fiance and secluded herself.

Tyeesha spent the next six months reading the bible.

As she read the word and apply it to her life, it renewed her mind and changed her from the way she saw herself, the world and her father.

The pastor and his wife became her spiritual parents and helped Tyesha see herself as a beautiful woman. 

She said the wounds from her past that brought confusion and pain were healed as she give her life fully to Christ.

She has had no sexual attraction, desire or temptation for women because God healed her.

She is now an author and public speaker and shares her story with audiences across the US and loves to tell others about her new identity and God’s transforming power.

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