Anne Wilson – My Jesus (Story Behind The Song)

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Ann Wilson - My story

A few years ago, Anne Wilson went through a season of tragedy. Her older brother, Jacob, who was her best friend and a role model in every way, lost his life in a car accident at the age of 23. She remembers that night with great clarity.

On that night, she heard God’s voice clearly as He spoke to her for the very first time. He said, “Anne, are you going to trust me or not?” She replied, “Jesus, I trust you.” In an instant, Jesus lifted the heavy weight off her and assured her that He would provide everything she needed to get through this ordeal.

Journaling became an integral part of her healing process, as Jesus began to reveal His personal nature to her. Before she knew it, she found herself turning those journal entries into songs.

One day, while writing, she looked back at her journal and realized that she had never written “Jesus,” “God,” or “Lord.” Instead, she consistently wrote “My Jesus,” and that’s what inspired her to write the song. Her intention is for people who hear the song to feel a personal connection with Jesus.

While her story may appear different from yours, the same Jesus she refers to as “My Jesus” can also be “Your Jesus.”

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