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Bible travia game

Bible Trivia

Ever since the launch of “Trivia Pursuit” board game in the 1980s, trivia games have continued to grow in popularity. There certainly have been many successful TV trivia game shows, such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”, and of course “Jeopardy”, which is still airing after 36 seasons. And with the growing use of the internet and modern technology in more recent years, many online versions and apps have since emerged. 

With the trivia games being ever popular, it’s hardly surprising that many Christians enjoy Bible Trivia games.

Why do People Enjoy Trivia Games? 

Trivia games appeal to different people for a variety of reasons.

We Enjoy Expanding Our Knowledge

Many people simply love to learn new things. As we play, we expand our knowledge in a known topic, or acquire new knowledge in a new subject matter. Either way, we learn something new each time we play trivia!

We Enjoy Being Right

When we get answers right, we feel a sense of accomplishment and our confidence get lifted, and we become even more motivated in playing the game. Many people get a thrill out of getting the right answers to obscure facts overlooked by others. 

We Enjoy Interacting with People

Unless you are playing an online or app version of trivia, there will be other players. Extroverts naturally enjoy the interaction, but conversations flow even naturally with introverts through the shared experience.

Bible Trivia

With Bible Trivia games, you can have fun with friends while challenging each other’s knowledge of the Bible. Bible Trivia games are great entertainment and you can learn more about the Bible at the same time. 

But not everyone enjoys Bible Trivia games. New believers or those not familiar with the Bible may feel discouraged or even embarrassed when playing Bible Trivia. 

Bible Games Central has designed a unique version of Bible Trivia that overcomes this. In this version of Bible Trivia, everyone has a chance to score points. For each question, there is one Answerer and one Asker, while the remaining players are Guessers who can score points by guessing if the answer given is right or wrong. 

A downloadable Bible Trivia Board and Bible Trivia Cards are provided. (Questions are divided into 5 categories: (1) Easy, (2) People & Places, (3) How Many, (4) Old Testament and (5) New Testament.)

Here’s how the game goes. For each round:

1. The Answerer rolls the dice to determine the question’s category:

(1) Easy

(2) People & Places

(3) How Many

(4) Old Testament

(5) New Testament

(6) Answerer gets to choose

2. The Asker (player on the left of the Answerer) draws the top card of that pile and reads the question aloud. If there are no remaining cards in that pile, the Answerer gets to choose any of the remaining categories.

3. After the question is read, the Answerer indicates his/her answer by placing their token on either A, B, C or D on the Bible Trivia Board. Once the token is placed, Answerers cannot change their answer.

Bible Trivia Board

4. The question then becomes open to all the Guessers. Guessers will indicate whether they agree or disagree with the Answerer by placing their tokens on either Agree or Disagree on the Bible Trivia Board. (To avoid confusion, each player should have a unique token.)

5. The Asker reveals the correct answer after all Guessers have placed their tokens.

Points are awarded to all who answered or guessed correctly. This means that everyone has a chance to score points, thus shifting the focus to fun and learning. 

Whether at home or church, Bible Trivia is a great game to play on a regular basis. Playing regularly motivates everyone to read the Bible more, in order to increase their Bible knowledge and score better the next time round! So there is really no losers in a game of Bible Trivia.

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