Fighting for Their Marriage and Winning- Testimony

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Fighting for Their Marriage and Winning

The temptations of the world nearly broke KC and Melissa’s marriage if not for the firm foundation of faith that was established early in their relationship. Witness how God restores their marriage and blesses them abundantly.

KC, a former high school wrestling champion with a troubled past, fell in love with his classmate Melissa during his junior year.

His Spanish teacher introduced him to the Bible and started doing Bible study with him. When Melissa saw that it gave her some confidence to date him, she realized the importance of the seeds planted by his Spanish teacher.

They got married when they were nineteen years old. KC wrestled in junior college and then began training for MMA cage fighting. In his California hometown, KC dedicated himself to MMA training almost every day, often traveling to Las Vegas on weekends with the goal of fighting in the UFC.

His coach warned him against training with certain individuals in the MMA world, as it could corrupt his morals. Unfortunately, KC succumbed to temptation and began frequenting strip clubs with them, even though he knew it was wrong.

He became entangled in an affair with a dancer, causing great devastation when Melissa discovered the truth.

In response, Melissa withdrew half of the money from their bank account and confronted KC, offering him a choice: take the money and leave, abandoning his wedding ring and the life they had built, or choosing to change and save their marriage.

KC was frightened because Melissa was the only person who loved him unconditionally.

He chose Melissa, but she asked him to leave.

He reached out to his Spanish teacher, who advised him to humble himself before God and cry out for help. KC moved in with his high school Spanish teacher to distance himself from negative influences in the MMA world, focusing instead on reading the Bible.

For six months, KC lived apart from his wife, using that time to deepen his relationship with the Lord. Melissa witnessed the transformation taking place in KC’s heart and character. He committed his life to Christ, and they reunited, soon after starting a family.

Today, their marriage stands strong with Jesus as its foundation.

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