Finding Love After Abuse And Losing Everything Testimony

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Finding love

Maryann grew up with an abusive father, who was a raging alcoholic and would beat her mother and threaten them with guns. When she was twelve, Maryann began to pick up her father’s habits. She felt abandoned and believed her life was a mistake.

Despite her father’s death from cancer when she was in high school, Maryann still felt his influence over her life. At seventeen, she married a man who was just like her father. After four years of marriage, they divorced, and she joined the Royal Air Force. While the military gave her stability and hope for the future, she looked to alcohol and men to fill the void in her life.

One day, Maryann met Michael, a Christian fighter pilot, who unlike most of the other men she pursued, refused her advances. Instead, he started sharing his faith in Christ and taking her to church. Although Maryann was afraid to tell Michael about her past, her continual bouts of drunkenness made it obvious to him that she was carrying some deep-seated pain.

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A few months later, Michael was transferred to Arizona, and when Maryann visited for a friend’s wedding, she decided to share her story with him. Michael read the story of Job in the Bible to her, and at that moment, Maryann surrendered her heart to Jesus. Two weeks later, Michael proposed, and they felt that God gave them a silent promise when a massive rainbow appeared in the sky.

Maryann has been sober for seventeen years, and she and Michael have two children. They started a ministry called “Broken No More”, and Maryann has written a book about her life to lead others to freedom in Christ.

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