From New Age to Christ Testimony

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from new age to Christ

 At 19 years old, Steve Bancarz was a spiritual guru to hundreds of thousands of followers through his new age blog. For Steve, this brought both spiritual and financial benefits.

Steve grew up in a Christian home, but as a teenager, he developed a passion for aliens, the paranormal, and psychic phenomena. This led him to question his parents’ Christian beliefs, and eventually, he became fully obsessed with new age theology. He never rejected Jesus, but he also did not fully accept Him for who He truly was. Steve wanted to be his own guide and not play by somebody else’s rules.

As Steve began blogging about new age practices and supernatural phenomena, he enjoyed the prominence and the money and vices that came with it, but it was never enough.

One day, Steve had a disturbing dream where he opened his eyes and found himself hovering 4 feet over his bed. He realized he was out of his body and started having a panic attack. A being appeared in front of him with red skin and black particles on his face. Steve realized he was not in control, and these forces were more powerful than he was. These forces were real, and they didn’t care about his well-being. They didn’t need his permission. He was a playground for them.

Shaken by this experience, Steve began investigating the claims of the Bible and Jesus more closely. He started sleeping with the Bible because he knew that there was something there that was more authoritative, true, and secure, which had power over anything he was scared of.

In his search for answers, Steve was drawn to stories, books, and online resources about people who had encounters with Christ. Eventually, Steve accepted one of his mother’s many invitations to go with her to church. At the end of the service, he prayed and asked Jesus into his life, but it was more of a mental exercise than an act of faith. He decided he would soften up to Jesus, but he still held onto his new age beliefs.

After a few days, Steve realized he could not ignore the truth any longer. He had reached a point in his life where his brokenness was weighing heavily on him, and he needed to stop playing games with his life and with God. Steve fell on his face and cried out to God. At that moment, Steve had an experience with Christ of his own. He could feel that God was Lord over him and Lord over all creation.

Steve burned all of his new age books and made a public statement to his online followers for misleading them. Despite facing ridicule and personal attacks from his online community, Steve has continued to teach those who persecuted him. His website,, provides evidence and sound reasoning that proves the claims of the Bible. He believes that the only path to truth, forgiveness, and joy in life comes through Jesus Christ.

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