God Redeems A Life Discarded- Testimony

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God Redeems A Life Discarded

Denise was born addicted to heroin to a mother that was rarely in the home so she went to live with her great-aunt.

One day when she was five years old her mother took her back to live with her and her boyfriend. He would beat them pretty badly and they didn’t eat sometimes, for days. Her mother was a prostitute and drug addict. One day she got arrested and was placed in jail. From then on Denise went to multiply foster homes and was sexually abused by her foster mother-son.

Her grandmother came back and got her and she stay with her from seven to twelve.

From seven to twelve her husband was sexually abusing Denise. She was then placed back in foster care and out of the control of the abuse.

By the time she was eighteen,  Denise would be in fifteen group homes and seven more foster homes.

Along the way, she started smoking pot to cope with her pain. She got pregnant at sixteen years old and was in a series of relationships. She started dating women and men and at the age of seventeen, she tried to take her life twice.

By eighteen, she had no support and or no hope. She was homeless and her son lived with his grandmother. She went on to have two other children. As the years went by she move on to crack cocaine and prostituted herself to feed the addiction.

At the age of thirty, in desperation, she cried out to God in the middle of the street. She cried out ‘Lord I need you to help me”. God give her strength and she stopped using drugs. She met a guy and he became her first husband.

She started going to church and then he started going to church. Two years later he husband died. Sending Denise back to her old ways. For the next five years Denise would return to the cycle she would have left behind.

She moved to Louisana and was in a shelter until she landed a job and an apartment. Drinking again she finally reaches rock bottom. She told Jesus if He is real reveal Himself to her.

“She doesn’t want to do church or religion she needs Him to reveal himself to her”.

Alone and desperate she cried out for help and ask God to take over.

In about two hours she felt like a fire fell on her she could move for hours and she has not been the same since.

After that experience, Denise remarried and now she and her husband help young people formally addicted to drugs.

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