Healing Testimony- Cancer Disappears Between Check-ups

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Healing Testimony

On March 19th, 2007, Ken went for a routine check-up, but the results from his blood test showed elevated PSA – a marker for prostate cancer. A twelve-sample biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of cancer. His neurologist recommended surgery, but Ken, a pastor for thirty years, wasn’t convinced that surgery was the answer. He shared the diagnosis with his church and asked them to pray for healing.

Two months later, his PSA had risen to 15.5, and despite Ken’s reservations about surgery, he scheduled it for later that fall. However, since Ken opted for a newer procedure using robotics, another doctor in the practice had to take over. A month before the surgery, the new doctor had Ken go in for another PSA test, where he met medical assistant Rebecca.

Jokingly, Ken said to her that he needed a good report, but then he told her what he really needed was healing. Rebecca told Ken that he was in the right place, sharing her own testimony of healing from cervical cancer. She put her faith with Ken and believed that God would heal him too. After taking his blood sample, she received the report – Ken’s PSA had dropped from 15.5 to 7.4.

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Ken postponed the surgery again, but this time he went to a friend’s cabin and spent the next three days alone with God, praying and fasting. On the second day, an assurance came over him that he was healed.

Three months later, in January 2008, Ken went back for another PSA test and a new biopsy. Although his hopes were high, the results were disappointing, as his PSA had jumped from 7.4 to 8.7. However, God told him to wait on the biopsy results, and a few days later, when the biopsy results came back, all twelve results were free of cancer.

Since that time, Ken has been cleared of prostate cancer, and he credits prayer with changing his outcome. His doctor agrees that it was a miraculous healing. Now, Ken has more confidence in praying for whatever it might be, including healing.

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