Hope in the Darkest Moment and Freed from Addiction – Testimony

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Freed from addiction testimony

A source of hope in Darkest Moment freed from addiction 

Brandon grew up in a stable, loving home, but in junior high, he tried marijuana for the very first time and got hooked.

Smoking pot opened the door to harder drugs and drinking in high school. As his life slid into spiritual darkness, his family found spiritual light at a Billy Graham crusade.

Brandon’s drug use became a way to cope when he received shocking news from his mom: she had stage 4 brain cancer, lung cancer, and lymph node cancer, and the doctors gave her three months to live. He was devastated.

For the next five years, Brandon’s life was out of control. Cocaine became his next obsession, leading to criminal activity and jail time, even stealing from his dying mother.

Seeing his desperation, Brandon’s grandmother invited him to live with her in a different state. He attended AA meetings and longed for the power to be set free from addiction.

Then his aunt invited him to church, and he heard a message that changed his life. That night, Brandon surrendered and prayed for God to save him.

Soon after his encounter with God, Brandon returned home and told his mother of his newfound faith. She passed away days later, and at the funeral, he was able to point to God as his source of hope even in the hardest moments.

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He sensed a deep calling to preach the day they buried his mother.

Brandon now has a family of his own and leads a weekly recovery program where he shares the same message of hope that rescued him from addiction.

He has been sober for sixteen years now, following the Lord, and each year has gotten better.

Today, through Christ, he has complete power over drugs and alcohol. What once had authority over him, he now has authority over.

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