How To Find Your Place by Derek Prince

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How to find your place Derek Prince

What is our calling and purpose in life as a Christian?

This is a sermon by Derek Prince about our calling and divine purpose in life and how to find our place.

Called to Conquer: Finding Your Assignment in the Kingdom of God 

Beloved Bible teacher Derek Prince is known for his in-depth study of Scripture and for helping people live out biblical truths in their everyday lives. Now he helps believers everywhere discover something truly priceless: their personal assignment from God. With a thorough examination of Old and New Testament passages, Prince shows readers:

what a calling is
the specific gifts God gives
how to overcome obstacles to claiming their gifts
seven steps to finding their place in God’s service
and much more.

 Called to Conquer equips readers with the tools they need to find their calling, live with purpose and authority, overcome strongholds, and take their rightful place in God’s army.

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