How to reconcile a marriage after separation

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It is always heartening to see couples reconcile their marriage after separation.

Today, many marriages are falling apart, and couples are deciding to separate. According to statistics on separation and divorce in the US, almost 87% of separated couples proceed to obtain a divorce, while the remaining 13% reunite after separation.

There are many variables to why couples separate, but the key thing is to find ways in which couples can build and sustain a healthy, loving marriage.

It is also important to know your self-worth and not let your identity be defined by your partner.

I would like to share this testimony with you, as this couple’s story shows how they were able to reconcile their marriage after separation.

When Deb’s marriage to Jeff wasn’t perfect, she turned to affairs to find acceptance. Then, an affair became public, and Jeff and Deb’s marriage hung in the balance. But through the power of forgiveness, love, and commitment, they were able to heal and reconcile their marriage.

I hope you have found enlightenment from Jeff and Deb’s story, which can help you with reconciling your own marriage.

Be blessed with all spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus

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