Let Your Light Shine and be a Blessing to Others

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Let your light shine

I will like to encourage you today to let your light shine wherever you go.

Only recently I have been hearing people saying they don’t want anything to do with Christianity.

The reason why is that many of us who are Christians are setting a bad example to those we encounter in our communities, workplaces and so on.

We are not portraying the character of Jesus instead we are just living double-standard lives. We say we come in his name but our actions are not christ-like.

Jesus has called us to be lights in a world of darkness as stated in Matthew 5:16

Many persons out there are carrying a lot of church hurt and have also vowed not to go back into another church. Is not Jesus they are frustrated with, it’s us the people who represent him. 

That question I will like to ask is, how can we as believers move from our misrepresentation of Jesus and become true witnesses of the Gospel of the kingdom in both word and deeds.

It takes me back to Saul before he was converted to Paul. He thought the things he was doing to the followers of Jesus were right until one day God met him on the road to Damascus and transformed his life.

Where ever God has positioned us He expects us to be lights on this earth. Drawing men unto Him when they see our good works.

Letting your lights shine begins with each individual playing their part and being true witnesses of the gospel.

They have a song” It only takes a spark to keep the fire burning”

And that is how every individual should be letting their spark be a light in a world that is full of darkness.

The harvest is plentiful, but laborers are few.

People need Jesus in their lives. They are so much hopelessness in people’s lives today. Many are on the brink of suicide and just looking for help.

God has given believers the keys to the kingdom. Which has given us both access to heaven and earth.

So we have the power and authority to bring transformation and hope to individuals’ lives.

From today onward let us challenge ourselves to be lights in this world. Demonstrating love to others and telling them about the good news of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven.

God is waiting on us to be His true representative here on earth.

Be Blessed…

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