Life Transformed by the Power and Love of God

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Jeffrey McCall found his true identity in Christ. From Transgender to transform.

Jeffrey McCall started struggling with same-sex attraction from around age twelve. And around age fifteen he acted on it.

He always wanted love, but over the years his sexual encounters left him feeling empty and used.

From eighteen to twenty-three he lived in Nashville, Tennessee, in those years he identified as homosexual.

He left Nashville and went to college for four years. The summer after his graduation, he did his first drag show and started living as Scarlet.

He lived a promiscuous lifestyle, and one wild night Jeffrey got violently drunk and threaten to commit suicide. He spent two days in a ward at the psychiatric hospital.

While living as Scarlet, Jeffrey had a secret behind closed doors. He was listening to Jentezen Franklin, pastor of Free Chapel. A church he had visited twice while in college.

A few months later Jeffrey made a tough decision, he threw the whole lifestyle away.

He said maybe he would just give God a chance. That summer he began to have a relationship with God.

One night after church he heard the Holy Spirit tell him to make a Facebook live video and to cut ties with everything from his past. Thousands of people viewed the video. He got messages asking him not to leave the lifestyle.

He started losing friends and some family members, but his relationship with God started blossoming.

He had a peace and a Joy he did not had since he was a little boy.

His whole life’s purpose now is to share and show Christ’s love to others.

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