A Marriage in Crisis Experiences Miracle

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Marriage in Crisis Experiences Miracle

“With God all things are possible.”

Steven and Christina started their marriage with everything, but the world standard was against them.

They married 3 months after they met. Right after they got married Steven’s anger erupted and he became abusive. He broke Christina’s face in front of their children and ended up going to prison for a short while.

As part of his sentence Steven went to counseling and he took steps to restore their marriage.

One afternoon he saw a church near his son’s soccer practice and he went in and asked the pastor for help.

Christina met him at the church with divorce papers. She was not sure that the church could help.

Two pastors at the church prayed for him, and afterwards and he felt a peace and comfort like never before. And he also felt that there was hope for his marriage.

Christina still was not convinced. However the couple attended church and marriage counseling and soon became Christians, and they began to see positive changes in their lives.

When they sincerely decided to let God actually do the work in their lives and they obeyed His instructions, the drug addiction and physical abuse were completely broken off. 

They committed to a 10-week course of marriage coaching

that  gave them tools on how to effectively love and communicate with each other.

For Christina the most difficult thing that she learned was to let God deal with Steven in God’s way and not in her way. That’s when she started to appreciate what God was doing and the results were way better.

Today their marriage is happy and healthy. They say putting Jesus at the center of their lives has been the key to their success. They are grateful they serve a God who restores.

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