Moving to the Next Level-Devotional

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With growth comes change, which can be difficult, especially for those who prefer staying within their comfort zones.

In life, we are constantly evolving and must adapt as we reach new levels. Each new level calls for a new mindset and requires special adjustments, particularly with close friends and family who may not share the same vision.

In John 15:1-2, Jesus taught that branches not producing fruit should be cut off and burned, while the fruitful ones should be pruned to yield even more fruit. Similarly, on our life journey, there may be things and people we must let go of to reach the next level.

Recently, I had an experience of letting go of something I had become comfortable with. I had been using a particular software for a couple of years and had come to rely on it, as it had been working well. However, one day it suddenly stopped working, and I had to look for alternative software to complete the task.

Despite repeatedly attempting to fix the old software, I eventually realized that God was sending me a sign to move on and try a different software. So, I did.

The new software works better and has exposed me to new ways of maximizing my current work. This experience has shown me that God wanted to take me to another level.

If you are feeling stuck at this time, I encourage you to go to God in prayer and ask Him to reveal where He wants to take you. For He will guide you toward your next level.

Be Blessed.


Father, help us today to let go of things that are holding us back.

Also, give us Godly wisdom in our decision-making.

May we experience spiritual growth as we move to the next level

In Jesus’ name…Amen

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