Parenting Young Adults Through  Bad Choices

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parenting young adults

Parenting young adults, those in their late teens and early twenties, can be quite challenging. The true difficulty comes when you provide them with well-intentioned advice, which they simply ignore. Why? Because they’ve reached adulthood and feel capable of making their own choices, causing them to disregard your counsel.

While it’s crucial to grant them autonomy in decision-making, they also need to understand that some of their choices could lead to significant consequences.

Throughout my journey as a parent, I’ve learned to express my concerns when I sense something is amiss. However, my role is primarily that of a guide, offering assistance when they seek my guidance. 

In this process, I remain steadfast in my prayers, invoking God’s promises over them each day. Our prayers can spiritually counteract some of the enemy’s plans, including protection from harm, danger, and unwise decisions.

This brings to mind the story of the prodigal son and how his father handled the situation. Despite squandering his inheritance and eventually returning home, the son was warmly welcomed with open arms. 

Just as God wants us, as parents, to demonstrate love toward our children, even in the face of their bad choices, we must extend forgiveness and compassion, rather than repeatedly reminding them of their past mistakes.

When I encounter unfavorable situations, I entrust them to God, at times without speaking a word to my child. I’ve observed God bringing about resolutions through my prayers and occasional fasting. You see, there will be times when prayers alone may not suffice, and fasting becomes necessary.

I’ve come to understand that God sustains us throughout our parenting journey; we simply need to seek His guidance and diligently follow His instructions, even when our behavior isn’t aligned. It is imperative that we offer unwavering love and support to our children.

While forgiveness and reconciliation take time, they are essential processes that we must actively engage in. Just as God never abandons us, we too must remain committed to our children’s well-being. If you find the journey overwhelming, seek God’s grace in dealing with your adult child. Guide them toward repentance, renewal, and restoration.


In conclusion, the devil endeavors to dissuade us from praying for our children and showing them love, with the intention of capitalizing on the void created by our absence and leading them astray. Reject the devil’s falsehoods about your child’s potential for change or any negativity. Instead, speak positivity into their lives. Remember, life and death reside within the power of your words – negative speech begets negativity, while positive language yields positive outcomes. Parenting requires our consistent effort. Let’s exhibit unwavering love, support, and compassion for our children.

Here is a short prayer for your adult children

Heavenly Father,

May wisdom find its home within my children’s hearts, 

And may knowledge bring them joy and fulfillment. 

May their decisions be guided by wisdom, 

And may understanding be their shield and protector.

May they trust in the Lord wholeheartedly, 

Relying not on their own understanding. In all their ways, 

may they acknowledge You, Lord, 

Confident that You will direct their paths.

In Jesus’ name, I pray… Amen.

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