Reuniting With His First Love After a Breakup

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After a tough season of recovering from a relationship loss, Judah finds two loves: God and a wife.

Judah wasn’t always a wild partier. Raised in a Christian home, he made an early profession of faith and was baptized when he was thirteen.

He was a good kid until his junior year in high school when he found love, believing he had found “the one”. The relationship quickly became physical, and four months into it, the girl dumped Judah.

He went home and told his mother about the breakup, but didn’t let her know how deeply he was hurt. Every weekend, he drank and smoked pot, all in an effort to numb his pain.

Hiding his double life from his parents, Judah lied to them about his whereabouts. However, his mom felt like something was off. There were many nights she was awakened in the middle of the night with an urge to pray for him.

Judah became obsessed with his looks and strived to have the perfect body. He worked out and kept a strict diet. He even tried steroids to improve his physique. He was never satisfied with the results.

For the next year and a half, Judah tried to find happiness in alcohol, drugs, and improving his image, only to end up miserable and alone.

Then, after a wild night of partying, he decided he had enough. A few days later, a friend invited Judah to help at a Christian meeting. During the evening worship, Judah felt convicted about his sinful lifestyle and just paying lip service to God. He realized he needed to surrender control of his life fully to God.

He felt a fulfillment and peace he had never had before. Judah went home and immediately confessed his sins to his mother. She was thankful that God was there with him.

From that night on, he fully committed his life to God. His behavior changed, and he even got rebaptized. 

Today, he is happily married and fully surrendered to God. Judah loves sharing how God filled the hole in his heart when nothing else could.

Like Judah, God can also fill the hole of emptiness in your heart and give you peace and joy. If your relationship with him is lacking, it is time to rebuild it by surrendering your life to God. There is no brokenness he can’t fix in your life; just turn everything over to Him.

He loves you! 

For you are worthy in His eyes. 

Be Blessed…

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