Running for Weight loss with Your Spouse

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Couples running for weightloss

You probably have heard that running is the best way to lose weight and yes it is. Running helps you burn a great number of calories and increases your metabolic rate. It also targets belly fat and improves your heart rate.

Here is running for weight loss beginners plan to help you get started.

When you are running for the first time, it will seem difficult but as time goes on and you get in shape it would be much easier and relaxing.

Try running for 30 to 90 minutes  3-5 times per week. This will help you burn more calories. To approximate how many calories you burn with each mile, multiply 0.75 times your weight in pounds.

It important that you keep hydrated. So you need to drink water before and after your run. Also, eat a healthy meal with the right calories intake to support your running schedule.

Running for weight loss workouts stretches

Running for weight loss success stories

Losing 88 pounds through walking

Finally, have the right shoes that support your ankles, are comfortable and give you good support.

Share with us how running has helped you.

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