Speak Faith not Fear

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Written By: Kevin L A Ewing 


The Lord is fully aware of your problems, and He doesn’t want to hear your problems. Instead, he desires to listen to what His word has to say about your problems! Scripture admonishes us to remind God of his WORD!

For the person reading this post that is deeply concerned about their child/ children, know this very moment that if you are a Christian, then you are considered the righteous. As such, you are entitled to the following promises and benefits as it relates to your children. The only catch is, you must immediately as of this moment abandon all fears of what could happen to your kids and more importantly STOP speaking those fears into existence. Yes! You read correctly, you are assisting Satan and his agent in bringing evil upon your children by your constant negative confessions coupled with your fears, here is why.

“Death and life still reside in the power of our tongues, Proverbs 18:21 SO WHY ARE YOU SPEAKING DEATH, via your negative words? Secondly, scripture clearly says that it is the things that we greatly fear that shall come upon us, and that which we are afraid of shall overtake us, Job 3:25. Why are you giving your fears life by overwhelming yourself with them?

Why not replace those evil confessions and disabling fears with faith? Here is what faith says about your child/children if you are a Believer in Jesus Christ!

“Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished, but the “SEED” (your children) of the RIGHTEOUS shall be delivered” Proverbs 11:21. Those that fear the Lord, “Their “SEED” (their children) shall be mighty upon the earth: the generation of the upright (RIGHTEOUS) shall be blessed” Psalm 112:2. My friend, these are the benefits and promises that you the righteous are entitled to as it relates to your children. So again, why aren’t you confessing the promises in the face of the negative and disappointing behavior your kids maybe displaying? Do not allow your anger and disappointment to speak what you see, speak the WORD over them until you see the manifested WORD display itself in their lives!!

The bottom line is this, In spite of how negative or disappointing your kids may be performing. … PLEASE, DO NOT SPEAK WHAT YOU SEE OR SPEAK WHAT YOUR FEARS ARE ATTEMPTING TO DICTATE. Instead, speak FAITH, because faith is the word of God that has the power to change any situation.


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