Testimony-How God Can Change a Marriage

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God save a marriage

The Allens only needed a few words, to sum up their marriage in the early stages.

“They did everything wrong.”

Jeff was a Travelling stand-up comic and Tammy was a waitress in a comedy club when they first met. After a couple of dates, Tammy became pregnant, got married and entered a marriage full of hope and expectation.

They moved their new family to phoenix Arizona and Jeff continued to travel with his comedy career as much as 250 days a year. When he was home he was not the loving husband Tammy hoped for.

Jeff’s excessive drinking and explosive temper drove their marriage to the brink of divorce and Tammy into the arms of another man. It wasn’t long before Jeff found out about the affair.

With their marriage in ruins, Tammy took the children to her mother’s house for the 

Summer but Jeff were not invited. He was left alone to reflect on their broken marriage.

During this time Jeff decided to turn his life over to Jesus Christ.

This changed his explosive temper and the verbal abuse for Tammy stopped. He became a loving husband and father. 

As their marriage gained strength, the couple was faced with another issue. Tammy was diagnosed with cancer.

One night she went with Jeff to a concert, where she met God for herself.

As they laid hands on her and prayed, she felt the presence of God and knew she had received her healing.

Tammy’s salvation and healing brought the couple even closer. They believe it was God’s divine intervention in their lives that kept them together.

Jeff thanked God for intervening in their life and showing him what love, grace and forgiveness look like.

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