Testimony of Miraculous Healing from Nerve Pain

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Months after Joanne’s pregnancy ended in a c-section, she was still in constant pain. Everyday tasks became torturous, draining any joy of being a wife and mother.

As the months turned into years, doctors couldn’t find any cause. After five years and several surgeries, there were no improvements. Unable to function normally even with countless painkillers, Joanne felt like a failure. The only thing keeping her going was the word of God.

In 2004, specialists discovered that nerves in her pelvis had been crushed during her ninety-one hours of labor. They prescribed excruciating nerve block injections that only offered temporary relief.

Eventually, she saw a new specialist in France for a new type of surgery, but after the first operation, she flatlined.

Joanne said God came to her, and she was ready to go with Him. However, she returned to her body. She had two more surgeries, but the condition only got worse.

In 2011, she started working with a physical therapist who was a Christian and a friend. In her initial evaluation, a significant finding was limited ability to sit, stand, walk, or do anything in an upright position, as well as limited range of motion in her entire lower extremities.

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In 2013, she reluctantly visited a healing conference in Orlando. On the last night, a man approached her and told her that she was believing lies about herself and God. He led her through renouncing all the negative agreements she had made, such as thinking she was a disappointment to God, untrustworthy, rejected, abandoned, etc.

As she said these things, she felt a release, and then he prayed for her physical body. In an instant, all the pain left.

That night, Joanne threw away all her medication and has never suffered from nerve pain since that day.

Today, Joanne lives an active life. She travels the world, praying for people to be healed and helping them understand just how much God loves them.

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