The Lord is Watching Over You – Devotional

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God is watching over us

“The Lord himself watches over you! The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.The sun will not harm you by day,  nor the moon at night.” Psalm 121:5-6 NLT

Are you currently feeling worried or anxious about something over which you have no control at this moment?

In the bible, God has said not to be anxious about anything. Instead, He encourages us to pray and give thanks, making our requests known to Him.

 You see when you lack the power to change something, God, who is all-powerful, is more than able to work it out on your behalf.

God desires for you to trust Him with your life, whether you are experiencing good times or bad. He is constantly with you, watching over you. 

Today, I want to offer you encouragement by reminding you that God is right by your side, diligently watching over you. He is like the footprints in the sand, carrying you when you are unable to carry yourself.

 As long as God is watching over you, you will remain protected and emerge victorious in every situation.

 Remember that God loves you.

Be blessed.

Let’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Today, I thank you for Your constant watchful presence over me. 

Thank You for Your incredible love towards me. 

I humbly ask that You continue to be my daily guide and a source of strength.

In Jesus’ name Amen

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