The People’s Preacher: C.H. Spurgeon

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This is the intimate story of one of the greatest preachers in the history of the church, C.H. Spurgeon. We follow him from his youth as a young preacher, surprisingly called to minister in London, where he soon captures the love and respect of the nation, going on to become one of its most influential figures.

This powerful and inspirational docudrama faithfully recreates the times of Spurgeon and brings the “people’s preacher” to life as it follows his trials and triumphs with historical accuracy. Produced by the award-winning Christian Television Association and filmed on location in England, Scotland, France, and Germany, this film vividly captures the spirit and message of a man whose eventful – and sometimes controversial – life is highly relevant to the 21st century.

I made some minor revisions for clarity and style, including capitalizing “Christian Television Association” and revising the use of the word “eventful” to avoid repetition.


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