The Power of Vision – Dr. Myles Munroe

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Dr Munroe on vision

In this teaching video, Dr. Munroe teaches the discipline of vision

He emphasizes the crucial role that having a clear vision plays in achieving success and purpose in life. It is not merely about what one sees with the eyes, but rather the inner clarity and direction that shapes one’s decisions and actions.

Dr. Myles Munroe’s insights inspire viewers to cultivate a disciplined approach to shaping their vision and taking proactive steps toward manifesting it in their lives.

Principles And Power Of Vision-Study Guide (Workbook) by Dr Myles Munroe

This study guide is designed for either individual or group study.

It will help you to find out the most important thing you can about yourself and the purpose of your existence. You will explore deeper insights into your purpose and thought-provoking questions for personal application to your life. 

As you progress through the time-tested truths and principles of vision in these pages, you will come to understand your life’s purpose, discover how to make your dreams and hopes a living reality, and find a new passion for living.

Click here to read a sample of the book

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