Transition is almost always facilitated by frustration

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Written By: Kevin L A Ewing                                                                                    

I can vividly recall years ago. I was at my lowest. It seems as if whatever could go wrong in my life was doing just that, going wrong. It was almost as if my enemies were standing in line, just waiting for their opportunity to take a shot at me.

As you might imagine, frustration was the order of the day for me. For those of you that haven’t experienced it as yet. Prolonged frustration will eventually manifest into severe emotional pain combined with deep-rooted bitterness if not observed from a positive perspective.

The most challenging part of my experience with frustration wasn’t so much that my enemies were relentless in their attacks against me. Instead, it was my repeated cries to God that seemed to fall on deaf ears. Additionally, I knew deep within my spirit that I should have been much further in my life than I was at that time.

The best way I can explain it is, it was like I was in a prison cell with a perfect display of all the beautiful things I wanted to do and achieve in life. However, due to the visible and invisible restrictions and limitations, I was unable to break free to participate in what I knew was a better quality of life seemingly impatiently waiting on me.

To make matters worse, my life seems to be programmed to repeat the same cycle of fruitlessness, not to mention the myriad of friends who were quick to give their version of my ongoing saga. In spite of all that I have mentioned. I was completely unaware that I was in TRANSITION for better! The reality is, it should not matter if God responds to our cries or not if our TRUST is unconditionally embedded in him. After all, He knows the end of all beginnings, which is also inclusive of our transitions.

The word transition is defined as a “change” from one state or place to another. However, during the tenure of that transition more than likely your life will be turned upside down with zero sign of human or spiritual help. The reason for this as I have discovered is that “CHANGE” is the only required component for a transition.

In other words, there can be no transition outside of the act of change to the person being transitioned. The purpose of this required change will almost always be initiated and administered by FRUSTRATION! It is through the process of frustration that you become so fed up with the same old fruitless non-producing routine of people, places and things that then and only then you embrace the change that is required to transition you to your next, which you probably would have dismissed under normal circumstances.

So the reality is, that your life is currently turned upside down by the process of frustration to provoke the necessary changes in you to assist with your transition for the better. Amazingly, God has transitioned me in just about every area of my life, and in retrospect, my way of thinking and behaving back then would certainly be my greatest enemy today.

In fact, if I maintained my resistance to the changes provoked by frustration back then, I would be a complete failure today. So, why not look at your frustrations as God nudging you on the shoulder and gently whispering in your ear saying, “Prepare for change in your everyday life because I am about to take you to another level.”

“Embrace the change for your transition that will be administered by frustration.”

Minister Kevin L A Ewing

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