What does it mean to affirm someone with our words?

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Affirm someone with our words

Growing up I always heard the term “stick and stone can break your bones but words cannot hurt you. Well, this is not true because words do hurt and can cause deeper wounds that stick and stones. That’s why we must be careful what we say to each other. 

It’s better however for us, to let our words be used to build up, encourage and edify.  And if we have something negative to say let it be done constructively. For our words can have a serious impact on an individual’s life.

The Effects of Negative Words

I can remember some of the negative things spoken to me by family members, friends those who were in authority over me… e.g teacher. And I am sure you can too.

I however never let any of their words define me but instead, I prove them all wrong.

You see, negative words can cause resentment, unforgiveness and hatred. People tend to only look at physical abuse but verbal abuse can also be very damaging to an individual. 

Mental Health

Negative words can also affect your mental health. You see when a person takes the negative words spoken to them and internalizes them into their belief systems it can cripple the individual mentally and stop them from living up to their true potential and purpose. They would feel as though they are not enough, hopeless and frustrated. Which then drives them to depression.

It is therefore very important not to believe the negative words and lies someone has spoken to you. Instead, daily affirm yourself with the word and promises of God. Surround yourself with supportive people who can build you up and encourage you. Therefore the naysayer would not have any power over you because you are not believing their lies.

The Importance of Affirming Others

When we affirm others we are empowering them. None of us knows what the next person is going through but when we speak to someone, giving them support, recognition and encouragement with our words we are inspiring them to keep going and keep doing great things.

Here are some words you can use to affirm others.

– You are beautifully and wonderfully made.

– All things are working together for your good.

– You are loved.

– You are blessed.

– You are forgiven.

– You have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

– You are kind and loving.

– You are faithful.

– You are strong and courageous.

– You are friendly.

– He who has begun a great work in you, will complete it.

– You are inspiring.

– You are peaceful.

– You are patient and understanding.

– You can do all things through Christ Jesus.

– You are a king and a priest.

– You are gentle.


Our words can produce life or death in an individual’s life. So going forward let us affirm each other with our words.  Let us use words of wisdom, words of support, words of encouragement  and words of empowerment.  Thereby demonstrating the love of God to others with our words and with our actions. 

Be Blessed…

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