Why Am I Dreaming So Much?

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Why am I deaming so much

For God speak once, yea twice, yet man perceives it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumbering upon the bed;

Then he opens the ears of men and seals their instruction that he may withdraw man from his purpose and hide pride from man. Job 33:14-17.

Many people, both saved and unsaved, receive messages from God through their dreams. Unfortunately, the majority of these individuals tend to disregard these messages. I, too, used to be guilty of ignoring my dreams until I discovered my natural talent for interpreting them. It’s worth noting that before this discovery, disregarding my dreams resulted in significant personal losses.

If you are experiencing a recurring series of dreams, particularly if you have not had them before, consider who or what has entered your life since these dreams began. If these dreams have negative themes, it is possible that the person you have recently connected with or an object you have acquired could be the source of the strange happenings in your life. Your dreams may attempt to highlight this as the root cause of your problems.

Have you experienced unsettling dreams since purchasing a new car or home? Have you dreamt of strange creatures roaming your house or of someone or something chasing you? Has your new car or home gone missing in your dreams? Your dreams may indicate a curse associated with your recent purchase or connection.

In Genesis 20, King Abimelech took Sarah, Abraham’s wife, to sleep with her. However, this resulted from a lie that Abraham and Sarah agreed to tell King Abimelech, claiming that they were siblings. Interestingly, the scripture says that God visited King Abimelech in his dream by night and said, “Behold, thou art but a dead man, for the woman which thou has taken; for she is a man’s wife.” Now, here it is that since King Abimelech took Abraham’s wife, Sarah, it immediately invoked a curse of death on his life. Nevertheless, God spoke to him in a dream, warning King Abimelech to release Sarah to her husband or suffer the consequences.

Some of you reading this article may have received a clear message from God through a dream, either yours or someone else’s. The message may have been not to marry a particular person or not to accept anything from a specific individual or group. However, you may have ignored God’s instructions due to your desires. This decision may have already cost you or will eventually lead to negative consequences.

Several years ago, I can recall a situation when I met a man labeled a prophet by others. They claimed he was devoted to God and passionate about His work. Despite these claims, I felt uneasy about him in my spirit.

Over a few weeks, I had two dreams involving this same prophet. In the first dream, I found myself in a hotel room where I could see the “prophet,” but he couldn’t see me. He seemed to be secretly brewing some witchcraft potion. At one point, he stopped what he was doing and looked in my direction, though he seemed unsure if someone was there.

 In the second dream, I was in a small community surrounded by military men with machine guns. They forced me into a jeep filled with adults and children, but I couldn’t see their faces. I saw spirit-like beings emerging from the ground as we drove to a familiar location. At the end of the dream, the same “prophet” from the first dream appeared from the ground, also in spirit form, in front of the jeep. At that point, I heard a stern voice that warned me, “Do not take anything from that “prophet.”

I later discovered that the individual referred to as a “prophet” had a history of involvement with witchcraft before their conversion to Christianity and continued to participate in it. Surprisingly, the pastors allowed this person to preach and pray over congregation members. I had the choice to disregard the instructions given in the dream, but like King Abimelech, I chose to obey the voice of the Lord, preventing any potential harm or trouble.

I don’t know who this message is for, but I feel compelled to share that God may be trying to communicate with you through your dreams. If you have the same dream repeatedly or wake up from a dream only to fall back asleep and continue the same dream, it’s not a coincidence. This could be God revealing something to you or warning you about the enemy’s plans for your life. It’s important to remember that God knows everything and often uses our dreams to guide us spiritually.

The spirit world is the parent world to our material world. The spirit world is where everything is conceived. Our material world is the distribution center of what was created spiritually. Those unaware of the spirit world or lacking the understanding of their engagement of the spirit world via their periods of dreaming could become a casualty of war due to their ignorance. Therefore, please pay serious attention to your dreams. One of the more common ways of associating your dreams with reality. Always compare what is currently going on with your real life and the dreams you are experiencing at that time.

For example, ever since you became friends with a specific person, you have had frequent negative dreams concerning this person. Secondly, most symbols in our dreams would be relative to stuff we’re familiar with, such as our jobs, family, religion, property, etc., so interpreting such symbols would be comparable to their role in our lives.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing

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