Will God Restore my Marriage After Divorce Testimony

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God restored my marriage

Divorce Didn’t Last for Couple Who Chased Healing

When Tommy and Michele met in 2008, they were new Christians, healing from a troubled past of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Their difficult upbringing led them to a life of anger, brokenness, and violence.

After four months of dating, they got married. But after only two weeks, the honeymoon was over, and the reality of their unresolved pain was revealed. Michele turned to prescription drugs to cope with her husband’s rage.

Meanwhile, the couple managed to mask the tension at home while serving as trusted leaders at their church. As time went by, the arguments escalated. One evening, after dinner and drinks, the violence became physical. Police arrested Tommy, and he was taken to jail.

Once released, he reunited with Michele. A month later, she found out she was pregnant and gave up prescription drugs. However, five months into the pregnancy, she caught Tommy cheating. She filed for separation and moved from California to Arizona. Without Tommy by her side, Michele gave birth to a stillborn baby.

Distraught and desperate for a better life, Michele cried out to God for help. She allowed God to heal her heart, and she filed for divorce. Tommy was finally dealing with his anger.

Michele reached out to Tommy and was committed to showing him what God had shown her. As they both found healing, they longed to be reconciled with each other. When Tommy asked Michele to marry him again, she said yes.

They vowed never to engage in physical abuse again.

Today, they have found freedom, healing, and wholeness. They share their testimony around the world, and together they lead a marriage ministry at their church.

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